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Charles McHugh

Charles was born in 1789, in the Pendleton District, South Carolina. Charles was married to Mary Pritchett (see the Mary Prudence McHugh Williams Interview - Memoirs of Georgia indicates her name was Pritchell, but I believe her name was Pritchett), who was born in 1795. Mary's father was Joshua Pritchett. The 1820 Pendleton District, SC Census lists Charles McHugh (see below). The census record shows he had four children at that time. Two boys and two girls, all under 10 years of age. The record indicates that both Charles and his wife were between 26 and 45 years old. According to some sources, Charles and Mary McHugh had six children. The first child, whose name is unknown, was born about 1807. If the 1820 Pendleton District census record is correct, this 1807 birth date would not be correct. The second child, Benjamin F., was born in 1812 in the Pendleton District, South Carolina. The third child, whose name is also unknown, was born in 1814, apparently in SC. The fourth child, whose name was William, was born in 1818, also probably in SC. The fifth child, whose name was James, was born in 1825. James is my great, great grandfather. The last child's name was Margaret Elenoor who was born in 1830. I do not believe Memoirs of Georgia is correct concerning Charles' move date to Gwinnett County, GA from the Pendleton District, SC. The book reads "Charles, a son of George, was born in South Carolina, came to Georgia in 1815, and settled among the Indians. He was a teacher most of his life, and was employed in the early academies and colleges. He was justice of the peace for over twenty-five years. His wife was the daughter of Joshua Pritchell, one of the early residents of the state." Apparently he moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia between 1820 and 1823 because Charles is listed in the 1820 Pendleton District, SC census. History of Gwinnett County, Georgia by J. C. Flanigan, indicates Charles was a Gwinnett County, GA Justice of the Peace in 1823, 1825 and 1829. Charles McHugh is also listed in the Minutes of the Inferior Court of Gwinnett County, Extra Session, Sept. 1 1823. In those court records, he was commissioned to "mark a road from Tanners Ford on the Appalachy River to Vanns or Winns Ferry on the Chattahoochy."  Charles McHugh is my great, great, great grandfather (my grandfather, father, me and my son are also named Charles).

1820 Pendleton District, SC Census


Free white males

Free white females

Names of heads of families

under 10 of 10 and under 16 between 16 and 18 of 16 and under 26 of 26 and under 45 of 45 and up under 10 of 10 and under 16 of 16 and under 26 of 26 and under 45 ages 45 and up

MCHUGH, Charles

2 0 0 0 10 0 2 0 0 1 0

M200 McHUGH Charles M-033 120 210 200010 20010 No Twp. Listed