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Mary Prudence McHugh Williams Interview

This story was told in February, 1942 by Mary Prudence McHugh Williams, born 1858, to her daughter Louise and daughter ________.  (copy provided to me by Jane G.) Mama was Mary Prudence McHugh was born in Dorsey, GA, Morgan County of James Perry McHugh and Elizabeth Garner McHugh in the year 1858. Grandma's mother was Harriet Garner. Her father died and her mother married Perdue. She had two half sisters, Adeline & Anne, one half brother Sidney Perdue. Billie Cox married Betsy, her mother's sister, and they raised Grandma. (Grandma?) was born in Morgan County. Grandpa was born in Gwinnett County. Papa Gustavius Leonidus was born in Walton County. Grandpa married Grandma -- married at Billy Cox's house in Morgan County, (GA) on a plantation between Rutledge and Madison, Ga. Cousin Vie Hansen was Billie Cox's daughter and Grandma's first cousin. Billy Cox was Grandma's Uncle. Mama had 5 brothers, Sank (insert) Benj. Franklin, Bartley, Grant, Charlie, Edw. Grandpa's mother was Mary Pritchett. Grandpa's father was Charles McHugh.