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Benjamin F. McHugh

Benjamin F. McHugh was the second child of Charles and Mary McHugh. Benjamin was born in the Pendleton District, South Carolina in 1812. Benjamin had several sons who served the Confederacy in the Civil War. These sons all served as privates in the 24th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, Company F, "Gwinnett Independent Blues." Thanks to Jim Baughman for providing some of this information.

  • John W. McHugh, Private - Enlisted August 24, 1861. He was appointed 5th Sergeant in 1863. The 24th Regiment was involved in the Assault on the Salient, Spotsylvania Court House on May 12, 1864. In addition, the Regiment participated in several battles around Spotsylvania Court House, VA from May 8 through May 21, 1864. John W. McHugh died at Spotsylvania Court House, VA on May 12, 1864.

  • Charles W. Dawson McHugh, Private - Enlisted August 24, 1861. The 24th Regiment was involved in the Siege of Harper's Ferry from September 13 through September 15, 1862. In addition, the Regiment was involved in the battle at Antietam at Sharpsburg, MD on September 16 and 17, 1862. wounded and captured at Crampton's Gap, Maryland September 14, 1862. He was left in a Burkittsville, Maryland hospital, with a severe wound in his thigh in September 1862. He recovered and was received at City Point, Virginia for exchange on November 21, 1862. There is no later record. Pension records show he was never able to return to command. (Born in Georgia, February, 1839.)

  • Toliver M. McHugh, Private - Toliver McHugh was captured at Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862. He was then paroled on September 20, 1862 and was admitted to a Richmond, Virginia hospital on October 6, 1862 He returned to duty October 18, 1862 although he was reported absent without leave in November, 1862. His name is not borne on the rolls of this company for August 24, to October 31, 1861, nor on rolls covering the period from March 1, 1864, to January 30, 1865 (Born in Gwinnett County, Georgia, March 29, 1841. Died in Atlanta, Georgia May 28, 1912.)

  • Samuel P. McHugh, Private - Enlisted August 24, 1861. The 24th Regiment participated in the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA from December 12 through December 15, 1862. Samuel P. McHugh was wounded at Fredericksburg, VA on December 13, 1862. Roll dated January 30, 1865, last on file, shows him absent without leave. No later record.