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Henry Parris

Another long held theory in our Paris family, is that Henry William Paris descended from Henry Parris (Paris), born 1750 and died in 1847. There is a headstone in the Townes - Paris Cemetery, Highway 123, Greenville, South Carolina that indicates Henry was married to Telitha Morgan. The headstone also lists John M. Paris, born 1790 and died in 1853. The headstone indicates John Paris was married to Margaret Harrison (1795 - 1878) and proclaims Henry and John "Pioneers of Greenville County." My Paris family tradition indicates Henry Paris' son was John M. Paris who was the father of Henry William Paris. Some have suggested Henry Paris' ancestors belong to the George Pearis line, through Richard Pearis, while others maintain Henry is not descended from George Pearis. As far as I am aware, no one has any concrete evidence either way.