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Last Updated On 21 December 2006

"James McHugh was married to his wife, Elizabeth McHugh the 25 of November in year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred forty nine"

"W. T. B. McHugh was born on 11 o'clock A.M. 30 of August Eighteen Hundred and fiftey [sic]"  "James Grant McHugh was born 28th of March 1852 4 p.m. o'clock"

"Charles Binoir McHugh was born 10 January 1854 5 p.m. o'clock" "Benj. F. McHugh was borned [sic] on the 13 November 1855 at 7 o'clock p.m."  "Mary P. McHugh was born May the 24, 1858 1 o'clock p.m."  "Edward McHugh was borned [sic] September 17, 1861 4 o'clock a.m."

 "Record of deaths Charles B. McHugh dide [sic] October 8th, 1862 James Grant McHugh dide [sic] 28th March 1869"