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Edward Morgan McHugh

Edward Morgan McHugh was born on 17-September-1861 and died on 18-April-1939. He married Fannie Bethuel Branan on 18-July-1883. The marriage record follows:

White Marriages
1879 - 1907
Morgan County
Page 59 (printed form)

Marriage License
State of Georgia, County of Morgan

To any Judge, Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the Gospel:


Edward M. McHugh and Miss Fannie Branan in the Holy State of Matrimony according to the Constitution and Laws of this State, and for so doing this shall be your license. And you are hereby required to return this license to me, with your Certificate hereon of the fact and date of the marriage.

Given under my hand and seal, this 16th day of July, 1883

F. B. Baldwin       (SEAL)


Georgia, Morgan County
I certify that Edward M. McHugh and Miss Fannie Branan were joined in matrimony by me, this 18th day of July Eighteen Hundred and eighty three

R. E. Mosley N. P. & Ex Officio J. P.
Recorded: July 11? 1884
F. B. Baldwin Ordinary.

Edward and Fannie had the following children:

Name Birth Death
John McHugh 1889 ?
Spence Edward McHugh 5-July-1890 26-December-1951
Sally about 1893 ?
Fannie Mae McHugh 6-March-1893 31-January-1977
Eva Day McHugh 4-April-1898 31-January-1959
Ernest B. McHugh 19-October-1900 27-June-1966
Charles Clarence McHugh 6-February-1903 25-February-1974