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Bart McHugh

"Uncle Bart" was the son of James and Elizabeth McHugh. The family Bible has the following entry regarding Bart:

"W. T. B. McHugh was born on 11 o'clock A.M. 30 of August Eighteen Hundred and fiftey"

Phyllis Thompson was kind enough to find "Uncle Bart's" death record in the Georgia Death Register. He died 23 December 1928 in Morgan County, GA. Certificate # 33910-J. I believe Bart is buried in the McHugh Family Cemetery. However, there are only three headstones in the cemetery: James P. McHugh, Elizabeth McHugh and Julia Brown, Bart's first wife. There is a sunken area immediately to the left of Julia Brown's grave which I believe is Bart's grave. There is no headstone, but that could be explained in a number of different ways. For example: the family may not have had sufficient funds at the time of his death to purchase a headstone. A few months after his death, the "Great Depression" hit. It is possible no one had any hope of obtaining enough money to purchase a headstone during the depression.

It appears "Uncle Bart" was named W. T. B. McHugh. The 1860 Census shows their first child was William, born about 1850. I believe this is "Uncle Bart," William T. Bartley McHugh. My grandmother indicated that late in life, "Uncle Bart" wore a patch over one eye because of cancer.

The next earliest records I could find were the 1860 Census, taken August 8, 1860 in the state of Georgia, County of Morgan, Hellow (Hello) District, Post Office of Madison.

Name Age Sex Occupation Value of
Personal Property
James McHugh 35 M Rail Road Laborer 2000 GA
Elizabeth 24 F     GA
William 10 M     GA
James 8 M     GA
Charles 6 M     GA
Benjamin 4 M     GA
Mary 2 F     GA

I transcribed Bart's marriage license. It can be located in the Morgan County Courthouse.

Morgan County Marriages
1854 - 1879
Page 222 (handwritten)

Georgia             | To any Minister of the Gospel or Justice of the Peace
Morgan County | These are to authorize you to join in the honorable state of matrimony.
Barton McHugh & Julia Brown, according to the rites of your Church, provided there be no law cause to obstruct the same & for so doing, this shall be your sufficient License
Given under my hand & seal this 23rd day of Dec 1871
W. Woods Ordinary

I hereby certify that Barton McHugh & Julia Brown were joined together in Matrimony this 25th day of December 1871 by me.

W. R. Forte M. G.

Bart's wife, Julia, is buried at the McHugh Family Cemetery on Double Bridge(s) Road. Her headstone reads:

Julia Brown
wife of
B. T. McHugh
Nov. 30, 1848
Mar. 28, 1909
Sleep on dear wife and mother.
And take thy rest.
For thy Lord and Savior knew
the best.

The 1880 Census information was gathered on June 2 through June 4, 1880 where Bart and his family are listed in the Whitfield District, Page 4 and Page 8.

Name Color Sex Age Relation Occupation Birthplace
Bart S. McHugh W M 29 Husband Farmer GA
Julia W F 30 Wife Keeping House GA
Grant W M 7 Son   GA

I transcribed "Uncle Bart's" last will and testament. It's located in

Morgan Probate Court
Record of Wills

Apparently, Bart remarried after Julia Brown's death. At the time of filing his last will and testament, his wife was Molly Thompson. Since Julia Brown died March 28, 1909, it is probable that Bart remarried Molly Thompson.

Last Will and Testament of B. T. McHugh
State of Georgia, Morgan County:
I B. T. McHugh, of said state and county, being of sound and disposing mind
and memory, do make this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking and annulling
all other by me heretofore made.
Item 1st. I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian
manner suitable to my circumstances and conditions in life.
Item 2nd. I desire that all my just debts be paid by my executrix hereinafter appointed.
Item 3rd. I give bequeath and devise to R. G. McHugh five dollars in cash to be paid out of
funds belonging to my estate
Item 4th. I give to my daughter, five dollars to be paid by my executors as quickly as possible
after death. My daughter Mrs. Kate McHugh Lee wife of Robert Lee.
Item 5th. I give and bequeath in fee simple all the rest of my property both real and
personal in fee simple to my beloved wife Molly Thompson all property of
which I die possessed both real and personal.
(Note: there are two Item 5th paragraphs)
Item 5th. It is my will and desire that after a period of twelve months after my death
all of my property be sold by my wife. This ? special legatees ? and
all the remainder to go to her and her property in fee simple.
Item 6th. I hereby name and appoint my ? beloved wife Molly Thompson McHugh
as executrix of this my last will and testament. I relieve her of making
any bond or making any returns to any court of her acts and doings as
such executrix, and give her full control of estate from the date of my death
This 23rd day of December 1928. (signed) B. T. McHugh

Signed, Sealed declared and published by B. T. McHugh as his last will & testament
in the presence of us the undersigned. Who subscribe our names hereto in the presence
of said testator, after he had signed his name thereto and at his special instance
and request and in the presence of each other. This 23rd day of December 1928.

W. G. McGeary M.D.
Marcus G. Few Jr.
W. F. McHugh

Georgia Morgan County
I W. G. McGeary do swear that I as well as Mark G. Few Jr. & W. F. McHugh
saw the within named B. T. McHugh sign and publish the within attached
proper as his last will and testament: ? we subscribed the same as
witnesses thereto at the special instance and request of said B. T. McHugh
and in his presence as did also Mark G. Few Jr. & W. F. McHugh in the
presence of testators and of each other: that this said B. F. McHugh signed the
same freely and voluntarily, and was at the time of such signing of
sound and disposing mind and memory

W. G. McGeary MD
Sworn to and subscribed before me May 1st day 1929.
A. H. Winston Ordinary